onsdag 25 september 2019

Meng vs Takom Bergepanther winch

Both winches are OOB. The pictures speaks for them self. 

tisdag 17 september 2019

Meng Bergepanther build step 1

I am building the Takom Bergepanther A and for some reason I’m not able to post WIP pictures of it here right now. So I figured, why not build Mengs Bergepanther as a side project? The Takom kit is going to be a Demag produced Berge with winch and spade and zimmerit from Atak. By studying Panzer Tracts 16-1 and some good discussion on Missing Linx
I decided to build a Henschel produced Bergepanther with no spade or winch. A mix of wheels from Mengs Panther D is used to get correct set of wheels. Even though Mengs Wheels aren’t the best in measurements and detail.

Conclusion so far is that Takoms interior is much better in detail. But Meng is easier and in my opinion more fun to build. The fit on both kits are excellent.

The interior is almost ready for painting.

fredag 13 september 2019

måndag 9 september 2019